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If you decide to buy me one of these items for any unknown reason, could I request them in postcard form?


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Yes, I know I have been gone for a while, and not really writing anything. The reason behind that is that I just moved into my University Hall of Residence. In other words, I moved house.

But yes, I am now ready to start writing again! ... And I'm starting with the NaNoWriMo...

Yeah, I know. I really need to work on my fics. But I do want to start to put a little more focus on actually writing my novels instead of just letting plans build up. Hence, my first draft of my first novel will be put into progress come Saturday. And we'll see what that entails. And if you want to add me there... My username is the same there. I like it, so I plan to stick to it.

As for me on the fanfic side of things, I haven't given up on Explorers of Light. That is still going to be worked on. However, I will have to delay my Mario fic until at least December, simply because of time constraints. I apologise, but I do still have every intention of writing that.

Other than that, I don't really have much to say. I hope I get to see you guys soon.
Trying to catch up with my inbox. Give me a few days.
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Threatened to post this by :iconsurvivingextinction:

If I killed you:

[] Watch your back tonight.
[] Aww your so short and adorable!~
[] Course, why wouldn't I?
[] I can't... 
[] Maybe or maybe not- Don't know yet.

If we kissed:

[] This wouldn’t happen.
[] Oh disgusting.
[] Again, again.
[] Kiss you back.
[] Slap/Push you away.
[] Be confused

If you asked me out I’d say:

[] Um no.
[] I’m taken
[] Sure.

Can we cuddle?:

[] No.
[] Ew.
[] Sure.
[] YES.

Should you re-post this?:

[] Yes. I want to send you one.
[] Yes.
[] No.
1. What animal, creature or pokemon you remind me of.
2. What color I think best fits you.
3. How I feel about you.
4. Insult you.
5. My favourite OC of yours.
6. What season you remind me of the most.
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.
8. What I like most about your art.
9. Think of a random nickname for you.
10. What element you remind me of.
11. I'll tell you to put this in your journal without using the words 'tag' or 'dare do it!.
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I was tagged entirely by :iconsurvivingextinction:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. (but doesn't this just show up on your mentions?)
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people

Tagged: ... You know what, I can't be bothered. Do it if you want, if not don't.

5 facts about myself:
1. Might as well say it since half of you know. I'm gay.
2. I am terrible with punctuation.
3. I still watch Scooby Doo decently often.
4. I might as well be allergic to alcohol.
5. Sport holds no interest to me whatsoever

Questions Set by the Goatee:

1. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


2. What is your favourite musical genre?

3. What do you like most about DeviantArt?
Talking to people on it.

4. How did you find out about DevaintArt?
My sister.

5. What is the person closest to you doing right now?

My Questions to You All
1) What's your favourite type of jewellery? (You must choose one exactly)
2) You can become any animal you want. Which animal?
3) What's your favourite Disney film?
4) Who is your favourite song artist?
5) Do you still have VHS, and do you watch them?


Tagged: Same as above.

Q1. List 1-2 honest facts about yourself, particularly the ones that you consider humorous or bizarre.
The majority of my music is classical, and part of me wants to learn to ride a Penny Farthing bike.

Q2. What is your most recent source of inspiration? Give a vague description of what it inspired.
A fic written by Beni-duck. It got me to finally restart my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fic. And change it drastically.

Q3. Remember the seven deadly sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, and Envy? Pick one sin that fits you when you were young and one now.
Probably Sloth when I was younger and Envy now.

Q4. List 1-3 statements you tell yourself to keep yourself motivated. Again, silly or serious. Maybe we can all gleam from this! (They can be yours or you can cite others)
'Liam said that this method works.'
'You're taking longer than a Snorlax to wake up.'
'Finish this, and I can start on something else'

Q5. Sum yourself up in four words: two describing your strength(s) and another two summing up your faults. Do not elaborate.
Careful and stubborn.
Unfunny and shy.

Q6. You're a magical person now! What colours, weapons, powers, and clothing do you have? What's your weakness? Creative license is off the charts here!
Weapons: Sword or a long whip.
Powers: I can make anything I hold ridiculously sharp.
Colours: Black and dark purple.
Clothes: ... No idea. I'm terrible at outfit design, especially on the spot.
Weakness: I have to sort a 1000+ piece jigsaw into corners, edges and middle pieces any time I use my power, and I'm infinitely rational.

Q7. Share a character who, based on personal preference and views, you should find yourself hating. Instead, you are drawn to them. Explore why: and the more detail the better!
I have three really.

A) Light Yagami – Death Note
Although the guy has a severe issue with his ego, I liked him from the beginning. He has a good goal in mind for the world. He wants to make a world free of crime, and is willing to accept the consequences if there are any for him. He knows that he's killing thousands of people, even if they are criminals, and he's doing so in cold blood. Even though he does go manic by the end of the anie, he hides it really well. His thinking is rational and even though the Death Note does get to his head, he maintains a good point and a sound plan throughout. Even morally, I can't hate him because Light's trying simply to create a better world for the innocent.

B) Vanitas – Kingdom Hearts
Vanitas, I feel I should hate. But he's probably my favourite character in Kingdom Hearts. He develops during Ven's story, just as much as Ven himself. But how he develops is much more interesting. He starts by being a fairly generic minor villain, but he becomes really distinct as you discover who he is. He's pure Darkness, the exact opposite of Ven. And it's really obvious that he is.

... And I admit. It does help that he is really handsome.

C) Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
Maleficent is a little bit different to the other two, and it is somewhat similar to Gray's reasoning about Scar. I would just like to state that as I write this, I have yet to see the film 'Maleficent'. From the very beginning, she is treated as an outcast. And there isn't too much of a reasoning other than the fact that she is called evil. However, I am convinced on the fact that I do not believe that Maleficent is inherently evil. For a start, right at the beginning of the film she receives a grave insult in not being invited. The celebration of Aurora’s birth would have been a public event. To have not invited someone as powerful as Maleficent was essentially the social equivalent of slapping her in the face. Her gift was also really the most balanced of the first three gifts. Hers is actually balanced, and it really is not good for anyone to  receive such perfect gifts in their lives. On the other hand, if Maleficent had been invited then Aurora would probably have been given an amazing gift from her.

Also, Maleficent has to put up with so much with her minions. I feel sorry for anyone with such idiotic minions.


1. Pull out your media player (iPod, MP3, phone, whatever)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

I'm not including the roughly 250 tracks from my classical collection. As much as I want to.

Opening Credits
Ave Mary A - P!nk (We begin with something missing).

Waking Up
Rolling in the Deep - Adele (Not too bad a choice, Shuffle. At least at the beginning).

First Day at School
Girl Who Got Away - Dido (If I were a girl, this would fit really well. If only for today...)

Dirty Desire - Utada (I swear my childhood was nothing like this song suggests...)

Falling in Love
Together - Avril Lavigne (This does not fit in the slightest, really. It's more suited to breaking up. But I will admit, I was hoping for Dustland Fairytale by The Killers).

Fight Song
He Wasn't - Avril Lavigne (This is actually really fitting).

Breaking Up

It's Saturday Night - The Proclaimers (Drinking down my sorrows. Even though I don't drink).

High School

Burning Love - Dido feat. Citizen Cope (Actually rather fitting).

If I'm Gonna Fall in Love - A Rocket to the Moon (Again, really fitting. Even though I never went).

Mean - P!nk (This doesn't not make sense for me).

I'll Be Waiting - Adele (No idea what for though).

Mental Breakdown
End of Night - Dido (Not insensible, really).

A Matter of Time - The Killers (Not too good of a song for driving. But it's a good song).

Supposed to Be - Tom Odell (This fits really well, actually).

Getting Back Together
Turning Tables - Adele (Umm... I think this is a little backwards...)

I'm No Angel - Dido (Definitely true for me. Not the most fitting song for the situation though).

Birth of Child

This Ain't Goodbye - Train (Not particularly fitting).

Final Battle
Don't Believe in Love - Dido (I swear, I don't have a huge number of Dido songs. But if this is in a romantic view, this is a really good song).

Death Scene
Let's Do the Things We Normally Do - Dido (... All I can think of is Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, if anyone's seen that film. This really fits).

Funeral Song
Don't Leave Home - Dido (Very ironic... And I've been here for just one day. You'll already miss me, if I go away. Very ironic indeed...)

End Credits
Here With Me - The Killers (The perfect song to end this story on. After all, the last thing I want is to be left alone).

Journal History


HawkRider's Profile Picture
Why do you want to know?
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Welcome to my tiny, very sparse little corner of deviantART. If this is your first visit, then I welcome you, and I hope you find something that you like. I will also nudge you over to my other, slightly bigger corner of the internet on, where most of my fics are uploaded.

My style generally revolves around emotions, and a fair few of my ideas stem not far from sadness and depression. Hey, the last two OCs I made both nearly died, and one was later sacrificed by his adoptive parents. The other went on to become a host... Anyway, if you look through my gallery, you'll see that I am more author than artist, and although that watercolour may look nice, my grandmother helped me a lot with it. Still, I do sometimes upload pictures. You will also notice the lack of content in my gallery, which will also soon change as I intend to publish new stories here as well as on FF from now on. That will probably take a little bit of a while though, due to the motivational problems I am having (and my forgetting I can actually post things on dA)

Anyway, what you should know about me. I am a guy who is fond of Yaoi, but appreciates any kind of love, both romantic and platonic. I enjoy leaving my opinion on a story, and so always review. I watch the artists I like, both for their personality and for their art. I do not mind reading/seeing violence or moderate gore, but I am against seeing full-body nudity of any description or heavy gore. I admit to being a prudish scaredy cat, because that is exactly who I am.

Lastly, I do not care about receiving comments, favourites or watches. I will reply to any I can, but what I enjoy most is being able to finish the work, and be proud to post it.

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